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What is Marine Engine Diagnostics?

Marine Engine Diagnostics is the analysis of the engine's built in computer system. This is done by connecting to the engine's Electronic Control Module (ECM). The TechMate Pro uses an adapter unique to the engine manufacture to provide valuable information regarding the engines' history.  By connecting into the ECM we can learn valuable information regarding your potential purchase. The TechMate Pro enables the technician to verify valuable information such as the engine serial numbers, actual engine hours, the engine's running temperature profile, and current and stored fault codes. Engine diagnostics provides valuable information regarding the engine's history, current issues, verify hours and helps to understand the true overall condition of the engine. We offer this service as an option only in conjunction with a marine survey of a vessel. We have the ability to do engine diagnostics on all inboard/sterndrive engines of all manufactures providing the engine has an ECM. 

Outboard Engine Diagnostics

Sun Coast Marine Surveying now offers engine diagnostics scans on all outboard and jet ski engines. The diagnostics software connects into the engines electronic control module and eneables our surveyors to veryify engine hours, RPM run history, fault codes and in some cases service history. This valuable information assists the buyer in making an informed decision when purchasing a vessel with outboards or a jet ski. This is an optional service offered only in conjunction with a marine survey on a vessel. 


Below is a sample Yamaha Engine Diagnostics printout.